Pay by link

Cut out unnecessary payment steps and empower anyone to pay directly with a link. With our new payment feature, we’re removing some of the biggest hurdles of paying invoices or accepting payments for any business in any industry.

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Accept payments in a multitude of ways

Our new feature ‘Pay by Link’ enables you to offer your customers a simple but powerful payment link in whatever fashion they prefer, whether that’s by email, pdf, sms, letter etc.

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Customise expiry

Customise the expiry of the payment link yourself - up to one year into the future. 

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One-time payment link

The payment link can only be paid exactly once. No need to manage several payment attempts. 

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Full transparency

Get an overview of all unique payment attempts on each link. 


How it works

We manage all payment attempts until the payment requested has succeeded or the link has expired. 



A powerful tool to empower customers


Issue payments on invoices

Empower your customers to get paid on time while significantly reducing human and reconciliation errors.
An out-of-the-box solution

A payment link that only requires a simple and secure integration
Make contextual payments

Receive payments without having to maintain a webshop, app or other software. Allow customers to pay directly in the context they're in.
Better conversion rates

Allow payments with minimal requirements from your customers; provide them with a smooth and secure payment journey.


Use case deep dive

Invoice payments

To enable your customer to skip the hassles of getting paid, we have combined the best capabilities of existing payment methods. Now, the payer can pay directly from the invoice using a simple but powerful link.

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Partner with us

For more than a decade we have worked to shape the future of an inclusive digital economy where all businesses and people can live a simpler and more convenient life. Through our European networks, partnerships, and passions, we seek to empower choice and security with a single infrastructure of payments and financial data. 

By enabling individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses with open banking we help them meet the demands of the modern consumer. All while giving them the freedom to pay without having to press pause. 

That's open banking that simply works.

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